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MICRADS´23 - Multidisciplinary International Conference of Research Apllied to Defense and Security
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Teniente Coronel Richard Humberto Caceres Leon



Director Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación de la Jefatura de Educación Aeronáutica y Espacial


Officer of the course 73 of officers of the Colombian Air Force, Telecommunications Specialist, with more than 25 years of service to the institution. Aeronautical Administrator from the Military Aviation School, Specialist in Security and National Defense from the Superior War School, Specialist in Telecommunications Management from the Central University, Master in Meteorology from the National University of Colombia and Ph.D in Physics and Meteorology from the University of Barcelona in Spain. He has also carried out important studies in Dynamic Meteorology at the University of Colorado and strategic practices at the Russian State Hydrological and Meteorological University (RSHU) and at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

He has served as Commander of Air Traffic and Air Navigation Squadrons and Squadrons of the Air Maintenance Command, Eastern Air Group and Air Combat Command No. 4. He was Deputy Director of Air Navigation and Aeronautical Procedures and Weather Prediction Specialist of the Air Force Operations Headquarters. In the research field, he worked as Head of the Technological Center for Aeronautical Innovation and is currently the Director of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Headquarters of Aeronautical and Space Education of the Colombian Air Force.

Among the most important decorations received, he has been distinguished with the Francisco José de Caldas Military Medal, the Marco Fidel Suárez Medal and the Distinguished Services Medal for Air Defense and Air Navigation.





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